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Rugby Cricket Dresden zegt ACC dank voor friendly en gastvrijheid

Dresden hele team[by Siva Subramaniam]     Dear Guy and Richard and others. On behalf of Rugby Cricket Dresden, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation of the great hospitality on April 9th by Amsterdamsche Cricket Club. We thank you for the game of cricket which was played with great spirits and discipline. We also appreciate the catering service during lunch and evening. Also, the non-stop beer offer was great to cherish. Thanks a lot for staying so long that day after the game. All the boys in RCD want to come again sometime in future (more photo's and rest text in Lees Meer).

We would highly appreciate if we could keep this cricket friendship going for a long time. I have attached some photo's from the evening (klik erop om ze te vergroten/click on them to enlarge - redactie).
Dresden faantje

Dresden op terras